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"New Vision has helped make my dreams come true." - regular attender for 18 months.

"We visited a few years ago and it wasn't as friendly as it is now..." - a newcomer.

"I'm so excited about Starting Point I could really get pumped up." - regular attender for two years.

"We've had years of bad church experiences, and this is the only balanced church we've found." - newcomer for three months.

"A lot of people really like New Vision and want it to stay just the way it is." - regular attender for two years.

"Andrea, has some big shoes to fill, but she has a strong anointing and that means everything." - regular attender for four years.

"The new Children's Church leaders are awesome. You should see what's happening over there every Sunday these days." - been attending one year.

"Last Sunday's message brought me hope. I felt like a millionaire in Christ." - unknown.

"Thanks for your sense of humor. I really needed to laugh today." - regular attender for four years.

"Do you realize what you have going here? You don't hear messages like this anywhere. This is really special, and I should know... my great-grandfather helped found the Presbyterian Church in America." - been attending six months.

"I am happy to be back in church. I feel more at ease and genuinely happy, again. Dr. Tyler's message really spoke to me. I had always felt that if I believe in Christ and love him with all of my heart, then I will go to heaven. The pressure from my family made me feel that this was wrong and that I had to go to church and be Christ-like to make it to heaven. I always argued and said, Nobody but Jesus himself can be Christ-like. We just have to believe and be good people to make it into heaven that is why he died for us. It is nice to be vindicated after having this tremendous pressure since I was an adolescent." - A Returner.

"I've attended church for 51 years and last Sunday's service was the best I've ever experienced!" - A Newcomer

"I love New Vision - I have learned more in almost 4 years than the first 60 years of my life." - A Regular Attender

"I like New Vision the way it is, but a television broadcast would be nice for sick in bed days." - Unknown (Note: we don't allow sick in bed days (just kidding!) but if we did, you could always listen to the message online, or get a tape)
Date Posted: 6/26/2012 5:19:58 PM

Service Times are 9:00 AM or 10:30 AM, with refreshments served between services from 10:05-10:20.
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